5 annoying habits that are pissing off your single friends.
If you’re in a relationship, you must stop doing these things that are annoying your friends!
5 annoying habits that are pissing off your single friends.
1. That damn ‘WE’
When your friends ask you to hang out, don’t assume your date’s invited. Stop acting like conjoined twins!
That damn ‘WE’
2. Too many firsts
To add to the pile of annoying couple behaviour,this pair comes up with their first date, first kiss, first movie together, first week anniversary, first month anniversary, first blah and first blah blah. One time is the charm, guys. Just one.
Too many firsts
3. PDA
Why it is referred to as public display of affection, nobody knows. The world would be a better place if it was PRIVATE display of affection. We know you guys are having a world of fun but really, do you have to rub it in our faces?
4. Details, details, details
As the single buddy, you are more often than not subject to some major details-giving session. Which means that you have to get through your friends talk on and on and on about what they do, where they do it and how they do it. And you even have to pretend to be excitied. (Cause you know, you’ll be friendless otherwise). Gah.That damn ‘WE’
Details, details, details
5. Damn you, selfie
The poor single friend is often excluded from selfies, because the couple in love want a new Display Picture that they will put up at the exact same time!That damn ‘WE’
Damn you, selfie