What does the color red smell like?
Colors have a smell too, have you ever smelled the color red?
What does the color red smell like?
Have you felt like you can smell a color? Can you listen to colors? Or do you feel like the number 5 is blue in color? If you do, do not worry, it is a rare phenomenon observed in some people where they can smell, feel and listen to colors. The condition known as Synesthesia.
A quite rare occurrence, the exact explanation still remains elusive. Some theories suggest that this may happen due to mixing of neural connections in our brains. A neuron, which transmits information to our brain may see the color red and send the information to our brain. Due to mixing of information, another neuron which knows the smell of mango can get associated with this color. So our brain gets both the information at the same time: the color red and the smell of mango. People with this condition therefore can smell the color red.
This is highly rare but reports suggest that women may have this feeling more frequently than men. There are more than 60 types of synesthesia identified till now and is more common among the left-handed people. The people in this condition see things differently and have different perceptions. Understood in a proper way, this can be used by them to enhance their creative abilities but on the other side, their different perception can also be used by other to ridicule them. It is important to realize that the perception may vary but the person can still lead a normal life to a large extent. So the next time you find someone who reveals that they can smell a color or see the color of a number etc. do not be surprised, find out more and you can help them. They see the world in their own unique way and their world is as beautiful as ours.