Tired of relationships? Try dating these 11 things!
Let's face it. Dating humans is a bit overrated. You need to play your cards right, and even then you might lose the hand. So why waste time on good old human, when you can date things instead?
Tired of relationships? Try dating these 11 things!
1. Pizza
Pizza is delicious. Pizza will never fail you. Pizza comes in 30 minutes. You should date a pizza.
2. Chocolate
Chocolate is sweet. Chocolate is dark and handsome. Chocolate will never fail you. You should date a chocolate.
3. Teddy Bear
Teddy Bears are cute. Teddy Bears always listen. Teddy Bears never judge and never complain. You should date a Teddy Bear.
Teddy Bear
4. Coffee
Coffee is strong and dark. Coffee will wake you up every morning. You can carry coffee around whenever you go. You should date Coffee.
5. Smartphones
Smartphones are smart. Smartphones can fit in your pocket. Smartphones will always listen to you. You should date a Smartphone.
6. Ice-Cream
Ice-cream is cool. Ice-cream is sweet. Ice-cream can be eaten at 3 in the morning. You should date Ice-cream.
7. A Dog
Dogs are loyal. Dogs are cute. Humans are not. You should date a Dog.
A Dog
8. Sweater
Sweaters are warm. Sweaters comfort you. You can get a new one, any time. You should date a sweater.
9. Pillow
Pillows are cuddly. Pillows are warm. Pillows will always sleep by your side. You should date a pillow.
10. A Book
Books are smart. Books never leave. Books are interesting. You should date a book.
A Book
11. Bed
A bed will always have your back. A bed will always hug you back. A bed is comforting. You should date a bed.
12. Well, your options are open!
Well, your options are open!