The man who millions have seen in their dreams. Have you?
Millions around the world have seen this man in their dreams. What about you?
The man who millions have seen in their dreams. Have you?
Did you dream of this man last night? Does this face seem familiar? Do you think you know this face but cannot tell exactly where you saw him? Well, you might have seen him in your dreams. And even if you did not, thousands of people across the world have claimed that they did. In a strange phenomenon which still remains a mystery for psychologists world-wide, the appearance of this man in people’s dream has created quite a stir. Many reported seeing him in their dreams but the strangest fact was that he always appears as a comfort providing guardian. People felt relieved the next day and some even claimed that they felt a strange sense of calm take over once he visited their dreams.
There are various theories making rounds in order to explain this but none of them have been able to determine conclusively why so many people are seeing this very same person. One theory states that he belongs to the collective subconscious of humanity and therefore so many people see him. According to the creator theory, he may be the image of our creator and that is why his presence has a calming influence on others. A dreamsurfer theory proposes that he is a real person who is capable of entering people’s dream to help them and he can also move from one person’s dream to another’s. A much more probable theory states that people who have heard of this phenomenon may be so impressed with this that they might have incorporated him into their dreams. The theories are numerous and interesting. But the claims of people who have no connection with each other are even more fantastic. Further he is not harmful as far as the claims have suggested. Whatever be the cause, don’t be surprised if you find him in your dreams tonight.