Men use these 5 secrets to woo a lady on the first date.
Most men are incredibly perfect on first dates, and surprisingly different when they’ve ‘won over’ their lady. Click to find out what the men have up their sleeves.
Men use these 5 secrets to woo a lady on the first date.
1. Dress to be comfortable
Most successful daters make an attempt to dress comfortable, and not overly stylish on the first date - whether it’s a tux or baggy pair of jeans, they’ll wear anything that makes them look good and not pretentious.
Dress to be comfortable
2. A man with a plan
They might not know the girl, but have a little surprise planned. Pre-ordering a special on the menu, or telling her you’ve planned a walk to a beautiful spot in the city. She will be delighted!
A man with a plan
3. Refuse to let the lady pay
Women will insist. Women might fight,but the guys will make sure they get the bill.
Refuse to let the lady pay
4. Let the lady talk
If the lady isn’t a talker, these men will gently question and show their keen interest in her life, to ultimately get her talking about herself – a zone she’s bound to be comfortable in.
Let the lady talk
5. A warm goodbye
They give you the perfect goodnight, whether it is a wave, a hug - a kiss perhaps. They make the lady feel important and like she was a delight to be around.
A warm goodbye