Let’s make someone smile today.
Making someone smile is the most beautiful gift of life. Here’s how you can gift happiness.
Let’s make someone smile today.
1. Just smile
When you meet someone, a friend, a relative or just a random co-passenger in your bus, just smile. It may seem awkward and weird at first but once you overpower this first inhibition, smiling would come naturally. And when others notice you smiling genuinely, they will smile back at you. It’s really that simple.
2. A random act of kindness
People sometimes need to be reminded that they are beautiful and unique in their own way. Let them know that they are beautiful. The smile on their faces on hearing this would be as beautiful as the person within.
3. Tell someone they are beautiful
Help someone cross the street today, or help someone carry their grocery home. It could be anything. People feel touched by the simplest of acts when they are not expecting it. Be that surprise for someone and with the smallest of acts you would have made someone’s day.
4. Thank someone
It might be your mailman or your newspaper delivery boy. It might be a watchman at university or your office building. Just go ahead and thank them for their service. Their smile would tell you how much of a difference you have made in a moment.
5. Talk to someone who seems sad
People who appear sad need someone to listen to them. Be the patient pair of ears they were waiting for. It may be an elderly person or just some random person on the subway. “Is something bothering you?” a simple question would make them smile and they would love you for it.
There are millions of ways in which you can make someone smile. And when you make someone smile, you will find your own smile a bit brighter and your heart a little warmer. So smile away as much as you can, it does make a huge difference. Cheers!