10 shortest ghost stories of all time.
9th one spooked us out.
10 shortest ghost stories of all time.
  • “I can’t sleep,” she whispered crawling into the bed with me. I woke up cold, clutching the dress she was buried in.
  • You get home, tired after a long day’s work and ready for a relaxing night alone. But what do you do when you reach for the light switch, but another hand is already there.
  • I never go to sleep. But I keep waking up.
  • There was a picture of me sleeping in my room. I live alone.
  • In all of the time that I’ve lived alone in this house, I swear to god I have closed more doors than I have opened.
  • She asked why I was breathing so heavily. I wasn’t.
  • My wife woke me up last night to tell me there was an intruder in the house. She was murdered by an intruder 2 years ago.
  • There’s nothing like the laughter of a baby. Unless it’s 1 A.M. and you live alone.
  • She went upstairs to check on her sleeping toddler. The window was open and the bed was empty.
  • I woke up to hear knocking on glass. At first I thought it was the window until I heard it coming from the mirror again.