WARNING: Reading this will make your quit your job.
The world is a book, and the ones who don't travel, only see one chapter.
WARNING: Reading this will make your quit your job.
The lonely traveler, leaving footmarks on secluded beaches to be washed away by the next fall of waves, finds himself at the cost of losing his way. Travelling alone has a charm which remains unparalleled. Today, in the information age, where we find ourselves poring over computer screens and scrolling down our smart devices, travelling alone is emerging as the best way to reconnect with our true self.
The most important aspect of travelling alone is to understand how dependent our lives have become on things which hardly mattered a decade ago. Independence of mind and independence of thought is difficult to attain when bombarded with the irrelevant information of daily lives. It is when we are travelling alone and have only ourselves to rely on, that we come to value independence. Further, travelling alone means there are no limits on you. You can be your true self, get wet in the rain, eat at a shady restaurant, drink with unknown people and come out richer with the experience of it all. There are very few ways in which we learn as much we do while travelling, and travelling alone is even better as we become our own teacher and guide.
Travelling alone also has the benefit of being cheaper than travelling in a group. You can stay at a cheap hotel, travel on foot for long distances just exploring and eat when the mood takes you. You can get lost, may not understand the local language, and have numerous little difficulties but in the end it will turn out to be one of those experiences which make memories even brighter. So the next time you feel like travelling, just pack a bag, pick a destination and leave. It is amazing to be a lone traveler and you can have your one stories better than those you have heard before. It is beautiful to travel alone as you and only you can decide which path you would take. And if you get lost in the way, you might just end up finding yourself.