These 5 things will make your relationship last forever.
In a world where relationships seem to be falling apart faster than a badly done construction job, there are a few people who’ve got together. Here’s the secret.
These 5 things will make your relationship last forever.
1. Quality, not quantity
It doesn’t matter if you have date night every week. What matters is how you spend it. Watching a movie, chewing some buttery popcorn and crashing in bed might be easy, but isn’t helping. Instead, get creative. Volunteer together at a charity home, take a language class together or just walk around the city taking in the sights and sounds.
Quality, not quantity
2. Spend time apart
Yes, you heard it right. We can’t stress on how important this. When your partner misses you, it reminds them of their love for you! Give them an opportunity to miss you. Go on an all girl’s trip or go backpacking solo to Vietnam!
Spend time apart
3. Complimenting
This might seem like an easy one, but you can’t imagine the number of times people stop doing it. In our stressful lives, it’s easy to get very wound up and come home in a bad mood. Criticism of your partner comes very naturally and then it’s all downhill from there.
4. Speak the truth
If you find yourself lying often or having the need to hide from your partner, something’s really wrong. A healthy relationship is one where you can discuss body odor, laugh about ex-crushes or criticize their work without feeling guilty.
Speak the truth
5. Surprises
This is an old one, but rarely actioned! Even after a few months in a relationship, it is human tendency to get overly comfortable with the ones you love. The flip side of being extra comfortable is taking one and another for granted which then leads to boredom, routine and ultimately - you guessed right - a breakup. Even small things like leaving a love night on his pillow, asking her to find her hidden present keeps things exciting.